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Little book of chocolate

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About this book

Little books
Little book of chocolate

  • A delicious little book packed with recipes and amazing facts about chocolate.
  • Describes what happens in a chocolate factory, how the fillings are put inside chocolates, how cacoa beans are grown, chocolate customs around the world and lots more.
  • Simple, mouthwatering recipes include chocolate cupcakes, triple chocolate cookies and chilli hot chocolate.
  • Includes internet links to websites with virtual tours of chocolate factories and lots more.
“It's the most delish read!”
Mizz Magazine

Press Reviews

Anyone who likes chocolate will love this scrummy little book! The Usborne little book of chocolate is packed with chocolaty photographs and illustrations that reveal the history of chocolate. This book is full of fascinating facts that are guaranteed to make your mouth water!
National Geographic Kids
Calling all chocoholics! Ever wanted to know how your fave treat's made and how to enjoy the taste of it to the This is the book for you! And, once it’s got your mouth watering, try out one of its six choc-tacular recipes. It's the most delish read.
Mizz Magazine
This scrumptious little publication, crammed with beautiful photographs and illustrations, reveals the history of our favourite treat – from the bitter chocolate drink of ancient Mexico to the solid bars of milk chocolate sold in our shops today.
Family Interest Magazine
Looking for a tasty topic with true cross-curricular potential, that’s certain to grab children’s interest right from the start? Shamelessly populist it may be; but chocolate’s 3000-year history offers almost limitless lesson-planning opportunities, from exploring cultural significance and the implications of fair trade, to designing a new line of confectionary to pitch to a major manufacturer. Whatever direction you choose, this compact title is a handy accompaniment – packed with useful and interesting information, presented in an, ahem, easily digestible format; moreover, at, pupils can browse a list of recommended, safe websites. Tuck in!
Teach Primary
Are you a chocoholic? If so, you will love this attractive, well produced book that will tell you everything you want to know about the magic subject that is chocolate... Remember, reading this will not make you fat.

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