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Here at Usborne, we’ve been creating engaging and innovative books for 40 years - but despite our best efforts, there is some content that we just can’t put into a printed book no matter how hard we try. So we invented "internet-linked books"!

What is an internet-linked book?

For each Usborne Internet-linked book, Usborne editors scour the internet, looking for websites with virtual tours, video clips, games and picture galleries to enhance the information in the book. Each book has its own webpage at Usborne Quicklinks, with links to the recommended websites. Some books also have QR codes printed on the pages. You can scan the QR codes with a smartphone or tablet to go straight to multimedia websites with video clips, sounds and interactive quizzes.

Here are some of the things you can do at Usborne Quicklinks:

  • Listen to a tiger roar
  • Take a virtual tour to the Sun - or Antarctica
  • Zoom in on artworks in galleries around the world
  • Dress a knight in armour
  • Watch video clips, listen to music and foreign languages
  • Find animated explanations and homework help
  • Play learning games and do virtual experiments

Internet-linnked language booksInternet-linked language books

At Usborne Quicklinks you'll also find sound clips to hear how to pronounce the words in Usborne language books. There are pronunciation guides for 15 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian and German, and Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. All the words are spoken by native speakers. See all the internet-linked language books.

Other pronunciation guides

If you have difficulty pronouncing the names of stars and planets, and dinosaur names, there are pronunciation guides for those too.

"My husband and I really enjoyed sitting behind the computer last night practicing all the Hebrew words. Your books are amazing!"
Reader's review by Gretchen

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Downloadable pictures and puzzles

Downloadable imagesMany Usborne Internet-linked books have pictures that can be downloaded from the Quicklinks website and used in personal projects or school work. There are picture puzzles to print out and solve, too. See the downloadable pictures for the Usborne Science Encyclopedia.

Beginners Romans book cover"This book was full of fun ideas! It has a lot of information so you learn about it more. The best bit is the website www.usborne-quicklinks.com it is the BEST! " Reader's review by Hannah

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Picture showing where internet-linked books can take you

Most popular internet-linked books

Will the websites go out of date?

Websites do change from time to time but Usborne Quicklinks editors regularly review the recommended websites. If a link stops working or fails to meet our strict safety and quality criteria, it is updated or replaced. This is why we no longer print website addresses in our internet-linked books but instead invite readers to come to the Quicklinks website where the links can be maintained and updated.

Must I have an internet-linked book to use this website?

The Usborne Quicklinks website is completely free to use and you don't have to have an internet-linked book to visit the recommended websites. However, we strongly believe that a book provides background and context for the information and multimedia experiences that readers discover on the Web.

Must I be online to use an internet-linked book?

Absolutely not! Usborne Internet-linked books are outstanding and award-winning works of reference and fiction that are complete in themselves.

Internet safety

We strongly recommend that young children are supervised while using the internet, and they follow our three basic rules for internet safety. For more advice on showing children how to stay safe on the internet, see our internet advice for adults page.

Usborne Publishing is not responsible, and does not accept liability, for the content or availability of any website other than its own.

Internet safety
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