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Oliver and his dad are wizard at cooking. Click on one of Oliver's favourite recipes - or send us your ideas! We'll choose the best and add them to Oliver's recipe list.


Bat and lettuce sandwich

Bat & Lettuce sandwich

(Ollie’s favourite lunch)

mouldy bread
beetle butter
bat wings
limp lettuce

Cut the mouldy bread into two slices and spread both slices with beetle butter.

Then add three crispy bat wings and some limp lettuce.

Leave to rot for a few days. Yum yum!

Cockroach cake

Cockraoch cake

(Mr. Moon's speciality)

flea flour
eagle eggs
beetle butter
snake sugar
muddy milk
crispy cockroaches

Mr. Moon’s rhyming recipe:

In goes the butter and the sugar too,
slosh in the mud-milk, and mix the goo.
Smash your eagle eggs - one, two, three.
Sieve in some flour of the finest flea.
Next add the cockroaches – tip them in.
Now you’re ready for the baking tin.
Cook over dragon-flames for an hour or so,
allow to cool… then off you go!

Snake blood mints

from The Stephensons

I think oliver might like to try snake blood mints.

1. Buy some mints.
2. Take out the inside of mint.
3. Pour snake blood in the case of the mint.

Oliver's coleslaw

from Steve and Dee

Coleslaw, tomato ketchup, cheese, pasta, bubble juice, potato, snot, and fanta

Chocolate mug slugs

Cockraoch cake

from Isrin


20 oz chocolate
50 juicy slugs
10 litres slug juice

1) Melt the chocolate and let it cool.
2) Ask an adult to cut the slugs into two with a knife.
3) Pour the chocolate, slug juice and slugs into a bowl.
4) Mix well and pour into mugs.

Cat muffins

from Noah


cat butter
meow flour
cat biscuits crushed
fishy water

Mix well and bake in the oven.
Decorate with cat tails and whiskers.
When you eat cat muffins they go meooowww.

Snail and slug sandwiches

from Ahmad


mouldy bread
bogey butter
5 snails
6 slugs

1 Cut the mouldy bread in half and take off the crust.
2 Spread the bogey butter on the mouldy bread.
3 Keep the snails and slugs alive and take the shells off the snails. Squeeze the blood out of 1 snail and 1 slug.
4 Put the snails and slugs in the bread with the blood and shut the bread up.
5 Now get a nice drink of bat blood and that's it.

Cobweb candyfloss

from Hannah

Two giant cobwebs,
a clean stick,
as many spiders as you like,
some eatable flowers,
three layers of snakes skin.

Hope you like it!

Bubbly bat-blood drink

from Rosie

a bat
bubble potion

Cut your bat in half and squeeze the blood into a cup. Pour the bubble potion into the same cup and mix well.


Snake skin sausage rolls

from Hannah

Boil ten layers of snake skin.
One bats blood sausage.
Fry snakes skin.
Put sausage in snakes skin.

Invisibility potion

from Rea and Prithu

You will need:
Bat powder
5 slugs
3 snails
10 wasps
12 hairy bugs

1. First you will have to crush the slugs and then put them in one by one and mix them together slowly.

2. Next you have to take off the snails shells and throw their bodies in your pot. Once you have done that you have to add the bat powder. Mix them together.

3. You then will need to tip in the 10 wasps. Once you have, you will need to cut the 12 hairy bugs in half.

4. You have to squeeze the blood from them and chuck them in all dry and soggy.

5. Now you will have to mix it together for 5 minutes.

Now your potion is ready to be invisible!

Beetle blood shake

from Zuzu

Vampire blood
Hot slime

First crush the beetles in half then get your vampire blood and pour it into your ghost glass, then pour in your hot green slime water. Whisk all the ingredients until it froths .

Yummy! Ollie's favourite shake.

Slug sandwich

from Hattie

I think you should try a slug sandwich with beetle blood slugs and seaweed.

Spider web sandwich with beetle puree

from Isaiah

Spider web
3 beetles
blackberry bread
toad butter

1. Spread toad butter on blackberry bread

2. Crush the beetles finely

3. Cover the crushed beetles with the spider web and place it on the blackberry bread.

Spider and batwing salad

from L Dedlow (South Africa)

My idea for a recipe is: Spider and Batwing Salad, with snake blood sauce.


Rotten Slime Soup

from Simarpreet

One cup of bat blood
Two mugs of slime
Some rotten juice

1. Pour the slime and bat blood in to a bowl and leave it to rot for a week.

2. Pour the slime and bat blood into the rotten juice and put in the oven for half an hour.

3. Pour the mixture in to a bowl and then eat it - yum-yum!!

Butterfly soup

from Zoya

1. First mix 2 bat wings with 100 butterflies.

2. Now add 50 eyeballs with 11 lily pads.

3. Add a bucket of vampire blood.

4. Now add some soap.

5. Add a few of your dad's hairs.

Mix, stir and leave it overnight. In the morning stir for five minutes. Leave overnight again. Now it's ready to serve. Enjoy!

Big yummy slugs and bugs pie

from Olive

Wawa water
500g slugs
500g snails
200g troll meat
34 squashed spiders
20 marmalised mosquitoes
100g Ferret Powder Flour
49 crunchy cockroaches
Pardon me pastry

Get the troll meat and wrap it in the pardon me pastry. (Don't fill it all up yet! And don't tie it up yet either!) Then put 10 marmalised mosquitoes into your big bowl. Put the 500g slugs in now and mix. Now it needs some Ferret Powder Flour (only 80 grams!) and put in 49 crunchy cockroaches and mix, putting in some Wawa water while stirring. Put in the rest of the flour now and mix again. now use the rest of the marmalised mosquitoes. MIX AGAIN. Now put the snails in. Mix and put in the oven for, say, 40 to 55 minutes... wait... Enjoy!!!

Slug salad

from Emily

16 slugs
4 scoops of cockroach coleslaw
19 lovely lettuce leaves
7 worms
500g blood
10 ant legs
3 frog eyes
3 chopped cat tails
10 toad warts

Muesli with a Twist

from Emma

7 slug eyes
12 dead fire ants
16 beetle toes
1 bag of stale porridge
2 rotten egg yolks

1. Put the slug eyes into a bowl and whisk in the rotten egg yolks
2. Add in the porridge and beetle toes
3. Finally add in the fire ants to the mixture and blend
There you have it! Enjoy with a nice glass of toads blood to wash it down.

Caterpillar and centipede guts

from Olivia

Living centipedes
Living caterpillars
8 slices of luscious lettuce
500 ants
Baking powder

Big stirring spoon
Smashing blender / Bug processor
Cup / Testing tube

1. Grab the centipedes and caterpillars, about 6 each, and dump them in the bug processor or smashing blender.
2. Once the centipedes and caterpillars are a liquid add the lettuce and 500 ants and blend or process it.
3. Quickly, without thinking, pour the baking powder in the drink and warm it up using the cauldron for 15 minutes.
4. Pour immediately and stir for 2 minutes then drink.

Halloween bake

from Sandra

2 buckets of dog poo
1 eyeball
6 finger nails
1 live cat
1 oliver moon book
1 bean bag

You need to mix them all together. Serve in bowls.

Prank spell

from Kilian

18 slugs
9 fat rats
11 finger clippings
10 bat wings

1. Crush 4 bat wings and mix the other 6 with 17 slugs.
2. Squeeze half the blood out of the last slug.
3. Pour everything together.
4. Cut the fat rats up and put in the finger clippings and put everything together.

It will turn into a sweet! And when an opponent eats it, steam comes from their bottom and they fly in loops and wobbly lines!

Frog leg soup

from Adam

Wizard Adam (aged 6) says Frog Leg Soup is brilliant for making dragons disappear.

2 frogs' legs
20 spiders' webs
1 tin tomato soup
10 beetle crisps

1. Heat the tomato soup in a small cauldron
2. Stir in the frogs' legs
3. When the legs turn pink, add the spiders' webs and stir until the mix thickens
4. Sprinkle with beetle crisps before serving

Dragons can't resist tasting this delicious soup. Five minutes later - puff! They're gone!

Joke powder

from Colin

Just sprinkle a bit of this on somebody and they will fall right to sleep or laugh so hard they will fall over.

Slimy slug burgers

from Reece

10 slimy slugs
A pinch of crusty toe nails
A skeleton of a fish
Moldy breadcrumbs
Eeky gooey slime
Moldy cheese
Green salty seaweed
Frog’s eyeballs
Bat’s blood for the dressing

Crush and put your slimy slugs through the mincer. Then mix in all of the other ingredients and then barbecue. Serve with the cheese and salad.

Squishy pudding

from Isabelle

I think Ollie might like to try this.

2 blood marshmallows
1 handful of pigtail pasta
5 handfuls of rotten fluff

1. Squish the blood marshmallows and chop into 6 pieces.
2. Twist the pigtail pasta until it breaks into tiny pieces.
3. Stretch the rotten fluff.
4. Add 5 tablespoons of a juice of your choice.
5. Mix together.

Worm tarantula jelly sandwich

from Xander

Spider webs
Tarantula jelly
Mouldy bread

1. Grab worms, mush them up.
2. Get mouldy bread, put some tarantula jelly on the bread.
3. Grab some spider webs, put them on the tarantula jelly.
4. Put on the worms.
5. EAT.

Cat cactus soup

from Isabelle

Cat cactus
Snail soup

1. Stir and shake the snail soup.
2. Melt the cat cactus.
3. Put together.
4. Leave to rot for a day.
5. ENJOY!!!

Mud milkshake

from Emily

900g mud
400ml of snake milk
3 crushed frog legs
30ml of rat blood sauce
100 frog sprinkles
And 5g of worm cream

Worm sandwich

from Alex, age 5

2 bits of mouldy bread
10 fat juicy worms
2 bits of slug slime
2 shots of bee sting

1. You need to spread the slug slime on the mouldy bread.
2. Put the worms on top of the slug slime.
3. Add the shots of bee sting.
4. Finish by putting the other slice of mouldy bread on top and squeeze until the worms pop.
5. Now eat and enjoy.

Toad leg sandwich

from Qing

Three muddy leaves
Four fresh toad legs

1. Put two toad legs on a leaf
2. Put another leaf on top
3. Put the last two legs on top
4. Put the remaining muddy leaf on top.

Snake stew

from Noah, aged 8

Maggot infested snake
Mouldy turnip
Boiling slime
Rotten potatoes
Poisoned carrots
Half-eaten lettuce
Snake skin
Sprinkling of toenails

1. bring the slime to the boil
2. next chop up the mouldy turnips, rotten potatoes and poisoned carrots and put into the boiling slime
3. then dice the maggot infested snake into the stew
4. then stuff the snake skin with the half eaten lettuce
5. curl it on top of the stew
6. leave to simmer for 25-30 minutes
7. ladle the stew into bowls
8. sprinkle the toenails as a garnish
9. season to taste

Hope you like it!!!!

Toenail turn-over

from Finlay

One toenail
Some of witch baby's sick
Toenail juice
Slug blood
A flame of dragon's fire
A spoon to mix it.

Slug slime and octopus stew

from William, aged 7

1 litre of fresh slug slime
8 plump slugs
19 octopus legs finely chopped
mouldy lettuce leaves
owl eyes
ear wax

Fry octopus legs in a frying pan
Mix together all ingredients
Mix together with a spoon
Sprinkle with owl eyes and ear wax

Chocolate moose

from Fatima, aged 10

This chocolate moose is actually made of moose and it's called moose not mousse. You only need a few ingredients and this recipe isn't real.

Chocolate moose recipe illustration

Moose meat
Chocolate cockroach beans
Mouldy milk
Witch-craft spoon

First, cut your moose meat and cast a sweetening spell on it. Cut the chocolate cockroach beans in half and take the chocolate out. Mix the moose meat and cockroach beans with the mouldy milk, using the witch-craft spoon. Then, let it rot in the Wizzing Hot Fridge and eat after 24 hours.

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