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Toad clock

Toad Clock

Oliver's never late for Magic School. Each morning his toad clock burps "Eight o' croak" and flicks a cold wet tongue across his cheek.





The Stardust-sucker collects stardust at the flick of a switch, shrinking the stardust as it sucks it up. It’s perfect for collecting stardust on your broomstick, and then once home, you simply empty it out by turning the switch to ‘Release’.

Lizard phone

Lizard Phone

Using the body of the lizard as the mouthpiece, and the lizard’s curly-wurly tail as the cord, lizard phones are both a well-mannered house-pet and a great way to keep in touch with friends.



Snake belt

from Hannah (age 6)

Snake belt is a live snake and when you put it round your waist, it will bite its tail to hold your trousers up. There is a little collar around its neck and there is a button on it that you can press to make it let go.

Pouch-rat mittens

from Maya (age 7)

Dear Oliver,
I thought you may like to try this during the colder days ahead:

Simply tie the tails of 2 pouch-rats together, sling them round your neck and slide your hands into their pouches. Perfect mittens!
Easy and furry!

Bat messenger

from Sophie (age 8)

You type your message onto a little screen tied on the bat's front, then send the bat off to whoever you want to give the message to.


from Jack

This contraption will definitely scare the pants off Bully Bogywart. It is a round shape, coloured red. It looks like a ball but it has a hidden secret. Just push the button and a mechanical arm will hit any bully.

Magical thrower

from Connor

Oliver could have a magical thrower which he can put a spell into and throw it at objects or people to put a spell on them. It could be fluffy or it could be spiky.

Stinkbomb gecko

from Tung Yi

A Stinkbomb Gecko is a special gecko that likes nice people and it is helpful that it is really small and cute. It is a great well-mannered pet, and it can climb into a bully’s pants and leave a yucky smell of toilet water and snake-skin cream with a small stinkbomb. It will leave a small trail of slime that blood-sucking pythons like to feed on. Bully Bogeywort will be in so much trouble when he gets just with a small Stinkbomb Gecko!

Bat cushion

from Maisie (age 5)

Find a cushion.
Cut around it.
Put bats inside.

Invisible bite ant

from Maya (age 4)

Hi am Maya I am four years old. I have a invention to tell you. It is called invisible bite ant. When someone does things that you do not like, you can call invisible bite ant to help you. He will went in the person you don't like shoes cause the ant is invisible so that person you don't like can't see. Then the ant will bite the person you don't like.

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