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Magic School

My favourite lessons are Wizardball, and Broomstick Training. I’m not so keen on boring Wand-care lessons, though!

At lunch, me and my best friend Jake like to play Skull Football.



Fast, furious game like basketball with spider web nets in the Wizardball rings. Girls and boys can play on the same team, and all teams have their own mascot. Oliver's local team is the Cacklewick Lightnings, and everyone thinks their top player, Micky Starr, is a real hero!

Skull Football

Slug sandwich

A brilliant version of football where the ball is actually a spooky skull.

Naturally, if you score a goal with a special skull football header, it's double points - a skull-trick.


Other Lessons

Oliver flying

Creating and reciting the perfect spell.

Toad Training
Teaching old toads new tricks.

Broomstick Flying
Everything from racing, soaring, spinning, landing and parking.

Potion Brewing
Measuring, timing and mixing – like cooking classes, only much more explosive (as Mr. Moon learned when he worked as Potions Assistant).

Magic Class
A chance to try out new spells and practice old ones.

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