Oliver Moon and the Potion Commotion

Chapter One

Oliver Moon was the hardest working junior wizard at Magic School.

He was smashing at Spellcraft.

He was tip-top at Toad Training.

And as for his broomstick flying…it was absolutely brilliant!

“One of our most promising pupils,” Mrs. MacLizard, the head teacher, had written in his last school report. “If he could just perfect his potion brewing, he’d be dynamite.”

But potion brewing wasn’t Oliver’s biggest problem. Oh, no. His biggest problems were at home. One problem was his mum. The other problem was his dad. And actually, the Witch Baby was a bit of a problem, too.

Oliver knew his mum and dad weren’t the worst witch and wizard in the world. Not quite.

They hadn’t “Gone Good” like Hattie Toadtrumper’s mum and dad.

They weren’t knee-knockingly scary like Boris Batbottom’s mum and dad.

And they definitely weren’t super-strict like poor old Pippi Prowlcat’s parents.

No, Oliver’s mum and dad were just eye-poppingly awful at being a witch and wizard. They didn’t have a clue. It was very embarrassing.