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Usborne English Learner's Editions

Usborne English Learner's Editions are a selection of titles from the bestselling Usborne Reading Programme, offering extra support to learners and teachers of English.

There are fiction and non-fiction titles at five levels from Elementary to Advanced, as shown on the right. Each title includes:

  • Audio CD with full reading of the text in both British and American English
  • Free downloadable student's worksheets
  • Free downloadable teacher’s notes

Click on the covers on the right to download the student's worksheets and teacher's notes.

Teacher's notes and student's worksheets

Collected teacher's notes and student's worksheets (photocopiable format) can also be purchased as paperback books from our online catalogue.

Usborne also offers a wide range of reference titles to support English language learners - scroll down to see a selection of wordbooks, dictionaries and language guides.




Brer Rabbit and the Blackberry Bush Little Miss Muffet The Dragon and the Phoenix The Little Giraffe There Was a Crooked Man Stone Soup How Elephants Lost Their Wings Old Mother Hubbard Clever Rabbit and the Lion King Donkey Ears The Daydreamer Bears Clever Rabbit and the Wolves The Genie in the Bottle

Word Count: 150-250 words

Lexile Range: 150-350L

Lower Intermediate

Danny the Dragon The Goose who laid the Golden Eggs The Three Little Pigs The Musicians of Bremen The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Mouse's Wedding The Leopard and the Sky God Chicken Licken The Little Red Hen The Gingerbread Man The Enormous Turnip Dinosaurs The Castle that Jack Built The Dinosaur who Lost his Roar

Word Count: 450-650 words

Lexile Range: 200-450L


The Ugly Duckling Percy and the Pirates Goldilocks and the Three Bears Why the Sea is Salty Little Red Riding Hood The Runaway Pancake The Inch Prince The Emperor and the Nightingale The Reluctant Dragon The Hare and the Tortoise Androcles and the Lion Elephants The Tin Soldier Knights and Castles

Word Count: 600-900 words

Lexile Range: 250-550L

Upper Intermediate

The Minotaur Rapunzel The Sorceror's Apprentice The Wooden Horse Jack and the Beanstalk Cinderella Puss In Boots Sinbad Snow White and the Seven Drawfs Hansel and Gretel Pirate Adventures The Story of Chocolate The Elves and the Shoemaker Sleeping Beauty

Word Count: 1,000-1,800 words

Lexile Range: 350-750L


Around the World in Eighty Days Twelfth Night The Story of Cars The Prince and the Pauper The Phantom of the Opera Robin Hood Macbeth A Midsummer Night's Dream Hamlet Romeo and Juliet The Firebird The Secret Garden The Story of Football The Wind in the Willows

Word Count: 1,800-2,500 words

Lexile Range: 450-850L

Wordbooks, dictionaries and English language guides

Usborne’s comprehensive range of wordbooks, dictionaries and English language guides offer further support to learners of all ages. A selection is shown below. Click on a cover to find out more about each book.

First Hundred Words in English
100 words
The Usborne First English Dictionary
Over 2,500 headwords
First Hundred Words in English Colouring Book
100 words
The Usborne Pocket Dictionary
Over 10,000
My First English Sticker Book
Over 200 words
The Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary
Over 10,000
The Usborne Book of Everyday Words
Over 500 words
Improve Your Grammar
With tests and
First Thousand Words in English
1,000 words
Improve Your Spelling
With tests and
The Usborne Very First Dictionary
Over 500 headwords
Tricky Words to Spell
50 cards with pen
The Usborne Picture Dictionary
Over 1,000 headwords
Grammar & Punctuation
50 cards with pen

Minibooks to print out and make

Download and print out these sheets to make paper minibooks of The fox and the crow and The story of telephones.

The fox and the crow - minibook (pdf - print to A3 double-sided)
The fox and the crow - minibook cover
(pdf - print to thin card, A4 single-sided, then cut in half)

The story of telephones - minibook (pdf - print to A3 double-sided, and use plain card for students to design their own covers)