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Latest news See the exciting new links in our First Encyclopedias, from dinosaurs and history to science and space. If we haven't yet updated your book, do keep checking – we're working on more books and adding new links all the time.

“I can't praise Usborne enough for introducing this feature to many of their non-fiction books as it really helps children retain information.”

Review from Adventures in Home Schooling on Ancient World

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#OTD 79 Vesuvius erupts devastating Pompeii. See artifacts, reconstructions https://t.co/cjiuGr0VvR @UsborneQlinks https://t.co/BgFeQm2IK1

Check out @UsborneQlinks for great websites with #scienceexperiments, videos and more! https://t.co/h6m1jvsGWL https://t.co/hsyDNrSPUK

RT @ihr_history: #OTD in 1456, the Gutenberg bible was completed (Image: British Library, C.9.d.3,4) https://t.co/kDPO3IuJvd

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