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Be inspired by the Olympic Games

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The Olympic flame may have been extinguished but Usborne's informative sticker and flap books are bound to provide hours of fun for inspired young sports fans and athletes.

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Spectator Guides Spectator Guides Track and Field Spectator Guides Aquatics Spectator Guides Cycling Spectator Guides Gymnastics

Spectator Guides

These compact packs of cards are the essential companions to any sporting event. If you don't know your Kierin from your Madison, or the difference between Artistic, Rhythmic, Acrobatic and Aerobic gymnastics, or if you want to impress your friends with facts and statistics, you need a pack of these brilliant, fact-filled cards!

Each card shows the rules and objectives of the sport, techniques and equipment, and sporting records and facts.

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Gym Stars

Gym Stars

Tara loves gym but when she joins Silverdale Gym Club she realises that it isn't all fun and games. She has to juggle her gymnastics with friendships and schoolwork, and when she makes it through to a national competition, discovers just how focused she needs to be to achieve her goals. Gym Stars is a new series about the dedication, perspiration and inspiration required to be an athlete.

Beth Tweddle, now a World Champion Gymnast and Olympic bronze medal winner, used to be just like Tara – gym-mad! Read a message from Beth to readers of Gym Stars.

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Most popular sports books

Flags of the world

Flag books

At every international sporting event, athletes are proud to compete for their countries. But can you tell which country they are from by their flag? If not, test your knowledge with the Flags of the world Spotter's Guide, the Flags of the world sticker book or the pocket-sized Flags of the world Spotter's Cards.

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Sticker Dressing Sports"Brilliantly illustrated with a really generous number of detailed dressing-up stickers that are not only fun to use but also teach your child a little about each sport."

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