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From flap books to encyclopedias, Usborne children's books bring science alive with colourful illustrations, clear informative text, activities, experiments and links to science websites via the Usborne Quicklinks website.

Hand-picked science collection

What's science all about?

What's science all about? book covers What's physics all about? book cover What's chemistry all about? book cover What's biology all about? book cover What's science all about? book cover

Stylish and informative guides to physics, chemistry and biology, how they work and how they apply to everyday life. With simple experiments and internet links to recommended websites. Find out more.

Complete book of the microscope"The wide range of this book shows so well just how much there is to explore through the microscope."

Parents in Touch review of the The Usborne complete book of the microscope

Science homework booksHomework help

Ideal for home or school, Usborne science encyclopedias and dictionaries are fabulously illustrated, fact-packed reference books.

In addition, each title has links to carefully researched and regularly updated websites via the Usborne Quicklinks website, where readers can watch animations, do online experiments and watch movie clips that help explain complex topics.

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Quicklinks for internet-linked booksUsborne Quicklinks

Usborne science books are enhanced with links to websites with games and animations, interactive lessons and video clips via the Usborne Quicklinks website.

Most popular science books

Hand-picked science collection

Science activities

Science activities

Click on the links to download free activity sheets (pdfs).

These activities are taken from the book 50 science things to make and do.

Experiments and activities booksExperiments and activities

Packed with easy-to-make things that fly, spin, swim, whoosh and ooze, Usborne award-winning science activity books and cards combine fun things to do with simple scientific explanations.

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