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Cakes and baking

Easter cooking books

These delicious books are packed with easy-to-follow recipes for baking scrumptious cakes, pies, biscuits and breads along with tips for fun and original decorations. Perfect for learning basic baking techniques. See all Cakes and baking books.

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Children's cookie and biscuit baking kit

Children's cookie and biscuit baking kit

A delightful cookery kit for absolute beginners to bake delicious cookies and biscuits. The kit includes a cookbook with 25 recipes, a mini rolling pin and four cookie cutters, all in a sturdy decorated box for safekeeping.


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Children's cake decorating kit

Children's cake decorating kit

Make beautiful decorations, from royal icing roses to chocolate stars with this colourful cake decorating kit. The kit includes an icing gun with four nozzles, decorated cupcake cases and an Usborne book with over 50 recipes and decoration ideas.


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Book cover - 30 Healthy things to cook and eat"These cards have it all... and, most importantly, they're easy to wipe down once you've finished."

The Independent's review of 30 Healthy things to cook and eat

This month's most popular cooking titles

Book cover - The Usborne healthy cookbook"Safe for even the smallest hands."

Essentials Magazine review of Making sweets

Chocolate cupcakes recipe Chocolate cupcakes recipe

Download this easy chocolate cupcake recipe from the Children's chocolate cookbook to make some yummy treats.

Gingerbread flowers activity page

Gingerbread flowers

Create some pretty (and tasty!) gingerbread biscuits - perfect for sharing.

Download the gingerbread flowers recipe or find more exciting recipes in the Children's book of baking.

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