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Lift-the-flap computers and coding

Lift-the-flap computers and coding


Coding books for kids
Lift-the-flap computers and coding

  • A colourful and friendly introduction that explains what goes on inside computers, how coding works and how computers talk to each other across the internet.
  • Flaps to lift on every page show how computers “think”, while activities such as counting in binary and matching numbers to colours explain how they store data.
  • The principles of coding, from simple commands to algorithms, are explained with a treasure hunt game and puzzles, and there are examples of simple programs in the coding language Scratch™.

  • Includes internet links to specially selected websites where children can discover more coding ideas, tips and games.
  • Computer coding is now a compulsory topic on the UK National Curriculum for primary schools, and children learn to create and debug simple programs at Key Stage 1.
“Brings a really difficult topic to a level children can master.”
“A really first-class introduction for a wide age group.”
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Board book
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Age: 7+

Key Stage: KS1/2 ICT (info)

BIC: B5J79 (info)

Board book:
ISBN: 9781409591511
16 pages
276 x 216mm

Author/Editor: Rosie Dickins

Illustrator: Shaw Nielsen


Winner - Primary Teacher Update 'Books and Publications Award' 2016

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Press & Blog Reviews

A fun introduction to what can be seen as quite a technical subject.
I really liked the lift the flap game on the giving instructions page, which is where Pixel the Pirate has to be helped to find the treasure by following the instructions. Computer languages, such as Scratch, are very well introduced, and at a level that would be suitable for any junior school child (aged 7-11). There are links to Usborne's online activities too - very useful.
Reader review, Toppsta
With its equal mix of quirky facts and puzzles to try, Lift-the-flap Computers and Coding provides a whole new technique for learning how computer coding runs... The use of flaps and colourful cartoon-style illustrations helps bring a really difficult topic to a level children can master and many adults will find it useful too.
A good, useful guide and helpful for young coders.
Evening Standard Christmas Gift Guide
A colourful and straightforward introduction to computers and how they work...There is a light touch throughout, with plenty of humour and quirky facts, games and puzzles. A really first-class introduction for a wide age group.
Books for Keeps
The lively and highly visual presentation makes sense of what can be a tricky and complex topic - many adults will find it of interest too. It's an ideal way to foster children's interest in computers and to help their understanding so that they can get the most from their computing lessons at school.
Parents in Touch
A child-friendly intro to how computers are built, what they do and how they work.
Nursery World


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