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Big book of big sea creatures

Big book of big sea creatures


Big books of big things
Big book of big sea creatures

  • From the great white shark to the mighty blue whale, children will love discovering the biggest creatures under the sea (and some of the littlest too).
  • Each page is packed with huge, brightly coloured illustrations and fascinating facts.
  • Extra long fold-out pages show some of the biggest, fastest and longest underwater creatures of all.
  • A brilliant gift for any animal-lover.

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Age: 4+

ISBN: 9781409531722
16 pages
290 x 240mm

Author/Editor: Minna Lacey

Illustrator: Fabiano Fiorin

Reader Reviews

Big Book of Sea Creatures
I love the surprise of this book. As you read it and look at the pictures of the different sea creatures, you open the fold out pages and are astounded by the size and comparative scale of these same creatures. The illustrations are vivid and true to life, and could greatly inspire any budding marine biologists!

Dionne Lakey, 4th December 2011

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