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Wipe-clean first letters

Wipe-clean first letters


Wipe-clean books
Wipe-clean first letters

  • This fun book is a perfect way for young children to learn how to read and write.
  • Children are encouraged to draw over the dotted lines to finish the letters in each brightly-illustrated scene.
  • Each page is wipe-clean so that children can write on them with the special pen over and over again.

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Age: 3+

Key Stage: EYFS/KS1 (info)

BIC: A2L79 (info)

ISBN: 9781409524502
24 pages
276 x 216mm

Author/Editor: Felicity Brooks and Nicola Hall

Illustrator: Stacey Lamb

Please note:

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts. Choking hazard. Ink from pen may not be washable.

Reader Reviews

Wipe Clean First Letters
Enzo and I were given a copy of this to review. He was very excited by the ‘special free pen’ and couldn’t wait to start! He is 5 years and 3 months and has just finished his Reception year. He’s learnt all the names of the letters/sounds this year but is reluctant to practice writing and doesn’t choose to draw very much. I was interested to see if he would enjoy the book and it would encourage him to practise pen/pencil control in a more enjoyable way. The book consists of 8 double page pictures with dotted line letter shapes and patterns with two double pages of more traditional letters-on-a-line practice at the back. Enzo really enjoyed finding all the dotted line letters and patterns in the illustrations in various orientations. He quickly got used to the fact that it didn’t matter if you ‘got it wrong’ as you could just wipe it off and start again. Much better than with a proper paper and pencil! He could practice starting slowly and quickly improve in speed and accuracy without thinking he was doing a lot of work. Once he started he was really keen to keep going and it’s a book we can take out and about with us and he can dip into every now and then. If I have any criticisms it’s that the pen nib is a bit thick which doesn’t help with small hands trying to be accurate on the smaller shapes. But I’m sure we can find another pen! To summarise, I think that the book would be just as suitable for a much younger child just starting to write their letters, as much as a child Enzo’s age who needs a bit of practice. I can imagine that a child who is more aware of what’s ‘cool’ may not like the illustrations, but Enzo appreciated the subtle humour in them! He said he thought it was ‘fantastic!’

Mum's Diary, 4th November 2011

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Press & Blog Reviews

The illustrations are useful in reinforcing learning, as they contain many fun hidden dotted letters within the pictures for your child to join up, thereby encouraging further practise of the letters in question. In our opinion, this is a really educational book for preschool children which encourages them to practise writing basic letters in a fun and uncomplicated way.

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