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Children's book of baking cakes

Children's book of baking cakes


Children's book of baking cakes

  • This delightful book is packed full of simple and scrumptious cake recipes.
  • Recipes include vanilla cupcakes, whoopie pies, mini cheesecakes and chocolate layer cake.
  • With tips on decorating, ideas for adapting recipes and lots of delicious toppings and fillings.
“Filled with delicious but simple recipes, perfect for introducing children to baking.”
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Spiral-bound hardback
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Age: 7+

Key Stage: KS2 (info)

Spiral-bound hardback:
ISBN: 9781409523369
64 pages
240 x 190mm

Reader Reviews

totally reliable and fun
We (family with 2 kids, 3 and 5) love this book. It's full of inspiring-looking recipes and all have worked out brilliantly - including the macaroons.

jenny, 2nd January 2014

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Press & Blog Reviews

The recipes are wonderfully written. An affordable and incredibly well designed baking book which is crammed full of fun, interesting and educational content to enthuse and inspire even the youngest of children to cook...the perfect excuse to make a few nice treats for the family!
This book is great to get children to enjoy baking, with simple, well-illustrated directions. It also provides some lovely ways to turn cakes into gifts, with jars, ribbons and decorations!
Cirencester Life
Perfect to get children enjoying baking with simple, well illustrated decorations.
The Cotswold Preview

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