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Children's encyclopedia


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Children's encyclopedia

  • An ideal first reference book for young readers covering a wide range of topics from art and animals to new technology.
  • Arranged thematically and superbly illustrated with over 1500 amazing photos, illustrations and diagrams.
  • Includes simple experiments and activities, internet links to over 500 carefully selected websites plus downloadable pictures and quizzes.

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Age: 6+

Key Stage: KS1 (info)

BIC: B4N79 (info)

ISBN: 9781409555506
320 pages
194 x 152mm

Author/Editor: Felicity Brooks

Reader Reviews

Great book
This is a lovely book. My 5.5 year old and I have just spent some time starting to look through it and we had lots of discussions about deserts, mountains, ice, earthquakes and more. I recommend this book to fill those few minutes a day where you want to have fun but at the same time learning new things together (quite a few things I didn't know about!). A great book.

Heidi, 4th August 2011
Favorite book on the shelf
This is my 7 year old son's most prized book. He has had it for well over a year now and still I find him in bed with his reading light on flipping through the pages at least 3 nights of the week. I even found it packed in his suitcase when we were going on a spring holiday. I had no idea when I bought it that it would be as great as it was.

Kara, 27th May 2010
This book is everything you need to know about science, history and lots more!!!!!!. This books gives you very useful website (because it's internet linked!) that helps you learn about the page you are reading. Fantastic price and book. Love it!!!!!!!

Azma Faisal, 25th January 2010
it's really educational and fun!
This book is amazing I love it! If you need to find anything out it's in this book. I would spend days on end just reading it , however yr6 sats are coming and if you need to know useful words for science just open up the Children's Encyclopedia!

danielle cunliffe, 15th March 2008
Best Book In The World !
I recently bought this book for my son's sixth birthday and - inspite of many other distractions - it engaged his interest for hours on the Big Day itself. After a lengthy session of being given random subjects to track down (eyes - what's the most distant star - cats - India - dinosaurs - why do boats float and other pressing matters that vex your average six year old), and having been able to find all of them in the encyclopedia, the book was suddenly grabbed from me, snapped shut and the recipient ran off with it. I presumed that there had been enough learning for the day, and it was going to be hidden under the dining room table in deference to more edifying pursuits, or jelly eating, but then heard "Mum - mum - look at this - it's the best book in the world - what do you want to know about....?". Quite simply, this is the best children's reference book available - Jack and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Rob & Jack Merrills, 8th November 2007

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Press & Blog Reviews

I can't praise Usborne enough for introducing [internet links] to many of their non-fiction books as it really helps children retain information.
Adventures in Home Schooling blog
Covers a wide range of topics with over 150 recommended websites and more than 500 downloadable pictures. Useful for school-children.
The Sunday Mercury
There is a massive amount of information here, but the presentation and use of images is so good that it never feels overwhelming... An excellent encyclopedia to support learning through the primary years.
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