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Greek myths and legends


Myths and legends
Greek myths and legends

  • Exciting stories of Greek gods, goddesses and heroes vividly retold for young readers.
  • Includes a "Who's who" guide to each character, including, Icarus and Daedalus, Zeus and Atlas and their role in Greek mythology.
  • Contains an informative section on the ancient Greek people and their beliefs.
  • Dramatically illustrated by Rodney Matthews.

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Age: 10+

Key Stage: KS2/3 E/H (info)

ISBN: 9780746087190
64 pages
250 x 200mm

Author/Editor: Anna Claybourne

Illustrator: Rodney Matthews

Reader Reviews

Greek myths and legends
I loved this book! It gave vivid details about the heroes from start to finish. I loved the art it gave me an idea of what the monsters would have looked like!

lily, 22nd May 2008

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Press & Blog Reviews

"Recommended for those wanting to learn more about Greek Mythology."
Rick Riordan - author
There was a period during my childhood when the characters of Greek mythology and knights of Camelot vied for my affections. The first were delivered primarily via the peerless Usborne Book of Greek Myths and Legends, over which I'd pore minutely (paying particular attention, for reasons perhaps best left unexplored, over the page devoted to the escapades of "wicked women").
The Guardian Books Blog

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