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Spy's guidebook


Spies and detectives
Spy's guidebook

  • A classic Usborne title for anyone who wants to be the best spy in the business.
  • Packed with tips, hints and advice on all the tricks needed to be a super spy, including how to write and break codes, how to use disguise to avoid detection and how to stalk and shadow enemy spies effectively.
  • Includes spy-tests, observation quizzes and code-cracking challenges to check how much budding Bonds have learnt.
  • Humourously illustrated by Colin King.
  • A great gift for any child with a sense of daring and adventure.
“Le Carré for ten-year-olds, this book made espionage seem like a perfectly viable profession.”
Author David Nicholls in The Saturday Times

Spiral-bound hardback
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Key Stage: KS2 E/H; Age 8+ (info)

Spiral-bound hardback:
ISBN: 9780746086964
192 pages
198 x 130mm

Author/Editor: various

Illustrator: Colin King

Reader Reviews

the usborne spy's guidebook
I remember reading this when I was a kid in the 80s with my sister and brother. We loved it, LOVED it so much! We learnt all the language codes, left secret messages for each other written in lemon juice (invisible ink), and played dress-up with all the suggested disguises. Our copy of the book was passed down from our older cousins, so it was falling apart by the time we were done with it. I'm overjoyed it's still in print! I am definitely buying a new copy for myself, and many more more for my nieces and friends' children too.

ling, 17th March 2011
Amazing book
I read this and the Detective books from Usborne when I was a child and loved it. I loved the pictures drawn by Colin King and how the themes were organized. It's a must-have for any kid and I'll lend mine to my daughter when she comes of age.

Fernando Linhares, 14th June 2008
Spys Guidebook
We bought this book for our 6 year old daughter. She loves reading it with her dad, its great for them to have something special to do together. I pretend to sneak up while they are reading it, to try to spy on what they are doing - she loves it. My husband and I also remember this book from when we were children. We both loved it.

Lorraine Hornsby, 30th January 2008
Spy's Guidebook
My wife bought me a copy of the Spy's Guidebook for Christmas, every page is amazing! This was one of my favourite books from childhood, and I have fond memories of every illustration. Hopefully my kids will spend as many days, weeks and months playing undercover agents as I did! You'll soon find yourself checking out hollow logs for secret messages and viewing anyone in a raincoat, hat and dark glasses with even more suspicion than usual.

Steve Huntley, 8th January 2008

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Press & Blog Reviews

Packed with tips and tricks needed to be a super spy, including quizzes to check how much budding Bonds have learnt.
Yours magazine
My childhood fixation with the art of spying — it hasn’t entirely gone away — was down to a book called The Usborne Spy’s Guidebook.
India Knight, The Sunday Times


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