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  • Usborne Beginners are colourful information books for children beginning to read on their own.
  • Vivid, full colour illustrations and photographs on every page, accompanied by short, informative text.
  • Developed with reading experts at the University of Roehampton.
  • Carefully selected Internet links to exciting websites to find out more.
  • Great reading practice for children who prefer fact to fiction.
“No Key Stage 1 classroom should be without the whole set.”
The Bookseller

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Age: 4+

Key Stage: EYFS/KS1 E/S/G (info)

Lexile Measure: 740L (info)

Book Band: 9 - Gold

ISBN: 9780746071496
32 pages
204 x 150mm

Author/Editor: Catriona Clarke

Reader Reviews

Weather - Beginners
My son loves this series of books, They are fun and educational, which is why I love them too. This is one of his favourites. The pictures are fantastic and although the book uses quite grown up words due to the content, the pictures make understanding easier. I am learning a thing or two reading this series with him! The little 'did you know?' facts add to the fun, and keep the interest going to the next page. Turtles in hail stones, red rain and frogs and fish falling from the sky! are all interesting facts you will learn about. Who would have thought a book on weather would be the first choice of a 6 year old! Excellent!

Elizabeth M McLachlan, 13th February 2008

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Press & Blog Reviews

Tremendous visual appeal of a quality that is unmatched by other early reading series. No Key Stage 1 classroom should be without the whole set.
The Bookseller
The Usborne Beginners and Young Readers series are increasingly being recognized and celebrated as having both the production values, content, and visual and commercial appeal demanded by the home market, and also the clear structure supporting children's reading development that is desired by schools. In my opinion, the Usborne Beginners and Young Readers series are by far the most appealing and comprehensive reading development supports available, now offering a vast range of subjects.
The Bookseller
An excellent series. Carefully designed to appeal to early readers, the books have accessible vocabulary and easy reading text, clear pictures, a contents page, index and glossary - all excellent for helping children to learn to use books for research. Short chunks of text and plenty of pictures make these books really fun to read.
Parents in Touch
I can't praise Usborne enough for introducing [internet links] to many of their non-fiction books as it really helps children retain information.
Adventures in Home Schooling blog
The Usborne Beginners series is a beautiful fit for newly independent readers or children who are just getting the hang of it. These A5 sized books are packed with fascinating facts and the short snappy sentences support independent fact-finding missions... They are wonderful!
Rhino Reads
Very good, simple explanations of a broad range of topics and processes. Pictures, diagrams and internet links are particularly helpful.
MetLink - Royal Meteoroligical Society resources for schools


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