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Facts of life


Facts of life

  • Highly acclaimed guide with straightforward and reassuring information.
  • Describes exactly what happens at puberty, with informative sections on sex, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, and advice on hygiene, exercise and healthy eating.
  • Traces the development of a baby from conception to birth and first years of life, with practical information on how to help take care of a baby.
  • This book contains the following Usborne Facts of Life titles: Babies and Growing up.

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Age: 11+

Key Stage: KS2/3 S/PSHE (info)

ISBN: 9780746031438
96 Pages
240 x 170mm

Author/Editor: Sue Meredith

Reader Reviews

Facts of life
I am so glad that this book is still available. I was bought this when I was 8, over 20 years ago and it was a wonderful, insightful book then that answered so many questions raised by inquisitive minds. It is reassuring to know it is still available for my childen to learn from too!

Hilary Williams, 11th October 2009
fantastic value
This book is a fantastic book. But I wouldn't recommend it to ten year olds because it has information which is unsuitable for a child's mind but still it is a great book.

azma faisal, 2nd August 2009

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Press & Blog Reviews

Time after time, Growing Up manages tricky subjects without fuss... The text is sanely direct ... in everything it covers, the book will inform, relieve anxiety and ... it will teach one sex about the other with graphic clarity.
Times Educational Supplement
A shining example of how lively an information book can be... highly recommended for teenagers who know someone expecting a baby, and for those considering a career in childcare.
Review for "Babies" in Woman and Home
One of my favourite books is Understanding the Facts of Life. It covers everything from puberty, changes in the body and periods, to how babies are made and grow. It's a nice book to go back to (don't expect to get the subject over in one sitting), and while it's scientific and uses proper words for things (I think this is important), it's accessible. When your daughters are older – although there's no reason why they can't read it whenever they want to – there's also What's Happening to Me?
Annalisa Barbieri, The Guardian


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