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Little book of riding and pony care

Little book of riding and pony care


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Little book of riding and pony care

  • Features colourful photographs and illustrations
  • A must-have for any horse enthusiast
  • Handy pocket-sized edition of the very popular "Complete Book of Riding & Pony Care"

A delightful small format edition of the very popular "Complete Book of Riding and Pony Care". A great gift for anyone who loves horses. Packed with live-action photographs, it describes how to get started and progress through early riding problems to more advanced skills, such as jumping, basic dressage and competing, and how to care for a pony.

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Age: 8+

Key Stage: KS2 PE (info)

ISBN: 9780746058411
144 pages
179 x 133mm

Author/Editor: Gill Harvey

Reader Reviews

Little Book of Riding and Pony Care
It was brill, I loved it. It really helped me learn a lot more about horses and now I've got my own two horses the book really helps me look after them. When I forget something I go back to look in the book. I would really recommend it.

abigail jesper ,11,, 23rd June 2008
How I know what I do about horses!
This book really helped me to learn to ride, as on my first time riding (after never having ridden before!), I already knew the basics and just had to perfect them! After two months I was cantering and by three, confidently! I owe this to Usborne and their great book! Thanks!

Sophie McCowen, 5th November 2007

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