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Unicorn dreams


Silverlake Fairy School: Book 1
Unicorn dreams
by Elizabeth Lindsay

  • Enter the enchanting world of Silverlake Fairy School, with palace-kitchen fairy Lila Blossom, in this magical series.
  • Girls will love this bewitching series, filled with fun, friendship and fairies.
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Lila longs to go to Silverlake Fairy School to learn about wands, charms and fairy magic. It's all she's ever dreamed of, but spoiled Princess Bee Balm is set on ruining Lila's chances!

Luckily, Lila is a very special fairy, and with a mysterious unicorn watching over her, surely not even the princess, can stop Lila from following her dreams?

“Readers are going to fall in love with Lila and her friends at Silverlake Fairy School”
Jamila Gavin

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Age: 7+

Key Stage: KS1/2 E (info)

Lexile Measure: 740L (info)

Book Band: 11 - Lime

BIC: C3N79 (info)

ISBN: 9780746076804
112 pages
198 x 130mm

Illustrator: Anna Currey

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Unicorn dreams

Lila swam beneath the rippling water, supple as a fish, her purple hair flowing over folded wings. Her purple fingernails sparkled as she broke the surface and took a deep breath. It was time to go. The sun was higher in the sky than she expected and Cook would be cross if she arrived late in the palace kitchen.

On the riverbank, Lila shook a rainbow of water droplets from her wings and squeezed out her hair and threadbare gossamer dress.

A silver-white unicorn stood on the far side of the palace lawn, where a moment ago there had been nothing. On his forehead a golden horn glinted in the early-morning sun. Lila could hardly believe what she was seeing. His mane and tail were the exact same purple as her hair; his hooves the identical sparkling tones of her fingernails. Surely unicorns were silver-white all over? The unicorn returned her gaze with an interested gleam in his eye, until, with a stamp and a snort, he vanished.

Lila sped across the grass, half flying, half running, to the place where the unicorn had been. There were hoof prints, but none came from anywhere or went anywhere. It was amazing! She folded her wings and raced towards the palace, desperate to tell someone about what she had seen. She sped along the gravel walkway, through the stable yard, to the servants’ entrance. There she bumped straight into her best friend, Mip, the shoeshine elf.

“Lila, where’ve you been? Cook’s been banging pots and pans like there’s no tomorrow. You’re late.”

“Guess what I’ve just seen,” said Lila, grabbing Mip’s arm and pulling him behind the door. “A unicorn!”

“You sure?” asked Mip. “You’re not making this up, are you?”

“It had a purple mane and tail the same colour as my hair, hoofs the same colour as my nails and a horn on his head that glowed like fairy gold.”

“Honest?” said Mip. “Do you mean it?”

Elizabeth Lindsay

Elizabeth Lindsay

Elizabeth Lindsay trained as a drama teacher and worked for Theatre in Education, taking drama programmes into schools. She was also a puppeteer on the long-running children’s TV series Pipkins, playing Topov the Monkey and Octavia the Ostrich. She has written over thirty books including the the Magic Pony series, and various television scripts including episodes of The Hoobs and Heggerty Haggerty.

Visit www.elizabethlindsay.co.uk to find out more.

Reader Reviews

Wonderful book!
This book will have your little ones (my daughter is 7) enchanted from the start. Lila is a great role-model and everyone knows a little girl like Princess Bee Balm...We found these late (published in 2009 I think) but they're as lovely today as when they were written.

Florence Harris, 30th January 2014
Unicorn dreams
It's an incredibly good book, I really enjoyed reading it!

Ella, 24th July 2009
Silver Lake Fairy School: Wands and Charms
A magical adventure filled with fun! Princess Bee Balm is really mean to Lila but in the end Lila has a really good time. This book will make you laugh, cry and wish to be in Lila's adventures. You will never be able to put this book down! A great book!

Aysha Khatun, 5th June 2009

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Press & Blog Reviews

"a magical world where fairy dreams come true"
Betty Bookmark
This simple and charming story bridges the gap between picture books and longer chapter books. The world in which Lila lives is lovely but not quite perfect with elements of truth and reality nudging through the text. It is well written, enjoyable and easy to read. The illustrations are charming and bring the characters to life without intruding on the story. Written by an experienced writer and teacher this, the first in the series is certain to be a hit with a young 5-7 year old female audience.
Write Away.org.uk
Tap into that pretty in pink fairy/princess/bridesmaid/angel genre and you're onto a winner. So Elizabeth Lindsay's new Silverlake Fairy School titles appear to fit the bill perfectly...In a pretty pink yet strongly Harry Potter-esque plot, which includes boggarts, invisibility charms and an underdog orphan, little Lila studies hard to gain a place at Silverlake fairy school, despite the efforts of the jealous Princess Bee Balm.
Cork Evening Echo


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