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Jordan Stryker: Bionic agent


Jordan Stryker
Jordan Stryker: Bionic agent
by Malcolm Rose

  • Meet cybernetically-enhanced, bionic crime fighter Jordan Stryker in the first of this gripping new action-adventure series for the twenty-first century.
  • Written by Malcolm Rose, best-selling author of Kiss of Death.
  • Inside: Discover the true scientific facts behind Jordan's amazing powers.

A massive explosion destroys the south-east of England. The near lifeless body of Ben Smith is plucked from the carnage…

Deep within the secret headquarters of the mysterious agency, Unit Red, Smith is rebuilt as… Jordan Stryker. New technology gives him unbelievable new powers, and now he has a mission: to hunt down the perpetrators of one of the biggest crimes ever known.

Can Jordan outwit the evil masterminds and violent gangs who will use any means to destroy their enemies?

“Buzzing with the thrills and spills of a James Bond blockbuster.”
Lancashire Evening Post
“Absolute genius!”
Scarthin Books

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Age: 11+

Key Stage: KS2/3 E (info)

Lexile Measure: 650L (info)

ISBN: 9781409509752
304 pages
198 x 130mm

Malcolm Rose

Malcolm Rose

Malcolm Rose was born in Coventry and began his career as a research scientist. He started writing stories while studying for his DPhil degree in chemistry, as a means of escape from everyday life. He is now a full-time writer best known for his gripping scientific thrillers.

He has been awarded the Angus Book Award twice and the Lancashire Children’s Book of the Year.

Visit www.malcolmrose.co.uk to find out more.


Shortlisted - Rotherham Children's Book Award 2011
The shortlist of six books is selected by a group of teachers and librarians, and represents an exciting range of recently published fiction for Rotherham children to read, discuss and compare over the next 6 months. Votes are collected from each school in June and a winner for each category is announced at the prestigious Award Ceremony at Magna in July.

Reader Reviews

Simple yet strong prose makes this ideal for young boys (about 9 ) who enjoy a fast paced thriller including bombs, speed boats, explosions with the added bonus of the whodunnit element. But it’s not all show – I liked the way the author portrays Jordan’s inner sadness at being forced to give up his previous life and relinquish all that is normal for a teenager. At first all these cyber enhancements are a novelty for him - what young boy would turn up his nose at having supersonic hearing and x ray vision – but working as an undercover agent for Unit Red is certainly not child’s play. A gripping, unputdownable read which will really appeal to any boy who has a taste for adventure and gadgets – Alex Rider and Young James Bond had better up their game, there’s a new kid in town!

TERESA MAJURY, 18th March 2010

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Press & Blog Reviews

I have to say that I really enjoyed reading Jordan Stryker. There's a good balance of action, romance and teen sarcastic humour to make this a believable story, but also a flight of fancy too. Teenage boys will love this series if they have ever liked any spy novel. The fact that he is a teenager and he's given all these fantastic additions with his bionics is great in itself, then add to this that he gets his own fancy sports car too (at the end) then you have most 15 / 16 year old boys dream which they can live vicariously through this character.
Soreriamag.co.uk - reviewed by Rob Allwright
Malcolm Rose is one of the master writers of children’s fiction and the first book of his new action-packed adventure series is buzzing with the thrills and spills of a James Bond blockbuster and the technological wizardry of Iron Man.
Lancashire Evening Post
An action packed thriller in which nothing is too precious to be destroyed.
Fast paced adventure story...Simple yet strong prose makes this ideal for young boys (about 9+) who enjoy a fast-paced thriller including bombs, speed boats, explosions, with the added bonus of the whodunit element...A gripping, unputdownable read which will really appeal to any boy who has a taste for adventure and gadgets.
Lovely Treez Reads blog
A recommended read for Alex Rider fans, this is fast-paced and all-action, although the fictional 'who-dunnit' is almost overshadowed by the shocking true life revelation at the end…
Learning and Support Magazine
Although Malcolm Rose delivers all the required ker-pows and take-thattery, this is a proper, well-plotted detective story for ages eight to 12.
Jewish Chronicle
Absolute genius! This book deserves its own genre, a mix between fact and fiction, emotion and plenty of action. A masterpiece by Malcolm Rose, even better than Kiss of Death. A tale of a boy’s unparalleled determination to live but firmly based on what could be a real life story with a very real potential disaster. Based around the actual boat “SS Richard Montgomery” which is a wrecked boat on the bottom of the River Thames carrying 1400 tonnes of explosives, this book carries a terrifying amount of truth to it, but this is what makes it such brilliant book to read. Another scary fact is that you won’t want to put it down as you will definitely read it over and over again until the pages are worn to nothing!
Scarthin Books

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