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50 things to do on a journey

50 things to do on a journey


Activity cards and tins
50 things to do on a journey

  • A box of 50 cards each displaying a fun, enjoyable and engaging way to pass the time on long journeys.
  • Activites include games such as noughts and crosses, as well as puzzles and quizzes using both objects which can be found inside the vehicle and the surrounding scenery.
  • Each card shows a colourful picture of the activity, with clear step-by-step illustrations and instructions on the reverse.
  • The cards are robust and durable, ensuring repeated use.
“...brilliant... full of things to spot, games to play, and so on.”
The Guardian

Box of cards
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Age: 8+

Key Stage: KS1 A/E (info)

Box of cards:
ISBN: 9780746073704
50 cards
154 x 98mm

Author/Editor: Rebecca Gilpin and Minna Lacey

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Cards to beat the boredom - here's a handy little pack if you're heading on a journey with children.
Irish Examiner
From the classic Scissors, Paper, Rock to the frustrating Guess the Word – the family will never be bored again with no less than 50 things to pass the time.


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