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Book of knowledge

Book of knowledge


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Book of knowledge

  • Covers an amazing array of subjects including science and technology, geology, the human body, geography, history, plants and animals and much, much more.
  • Illustrated with stunning photographs, original art work, clear, easy-to-follow diagrams and colourful maps.
  • Includes a world atlas, flags, a gazetteer, timelines, star charts and a detailed appendix of facts and lists.
  • Over 180 internet links to recommended websites via the Usborne Quicklinks Website.
“Ideal for both the home and school market.”
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Age: 8+

Key Stage: KS2 S/H/G (info)

ISBN: 9781409527688
208 pages
230 x 178mm

Author/Editor: Emma Helbrough

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This utterly comprehensive book covers a vast array of information in a neat and attractive package. It is a very user-friendly book, combining traditional non-fiction structures with up-to-the minute graphics and text layout. Ideal for both the home and school markets.

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Complete with helpful internet links, this modern encyclopedia covers all sorts of facts on all sorts of themes. From the Earth's structure to the human body, it's a one stop shop for information at your fingertips.
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