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The story of astronomy and space

The story of astronomy and space


The story of...
The story of astronomy and space

  • An introduction to the mysteries of space and the secrets of astronomy.
  • Packed with scientific facts about the solar system, comets, the Big Bang theory, telescopes, space exploration and much, much more.
  • Diagrams and amusing illustrations help make complex ideas easy and fun.
  • Includes star charts, a glossary and astronomy timeline, and internet links to recommended websites.
“Beautifully illustrated... [a] wonderfully engaging book.”
Judge's comment, Royal Society Young People's Book Prize
“Making science exciting, fun and accessible to younger readers.”
Education Today

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Key Stage: KS2 S; Age 8+ (info)

BIC: CXX79 (info)

ISBN: 9780746090060
104 pages
230 x 165mm

Author/Editor: Louie Stowell

Illustrator: Peter Allen


Shortlisted: The Royal Society Young People's Book Prize 2011
This prize is awarded by The Royal Society - a Fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists - to a recent book that best communicates science to young people.

Reader Reviews

The Story of Astronomy and Space
This book is an awesome book. It’s full of interesting facts and lots of really fun pictures. Did you know that Pluto was discovered by a little girl, or that astronauts have to wear special pouches inside their spacesuits to collect their urine? I really liked the illustration of the solar system. There is also a fantastic astronomy timeline that shows how it all started with the Big Bang and star charts so you can find the constellations in the sky. I think everybody will be excited about space after reading this book. I know I am!

Katherine (aged 9), 17th March 2014

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Press & Blog Reviews

Beautifully illustrated, this wonderfully engaging book uses superb images from space missions and astronomy alongside quirky hand-drawn illustrations to explain the science of space and the story of the scientists who explored it.
Judges comment, Royal Society Young People's Book Prize
A well-illustrated and fact-packed guide to astronomy and space. Overall the content was excellent... plenty to enjoy and to delight the reader. The mix of history and up-to-date science is good and the illustrations fit well with the text. Likely to be appreciated by any space-loving young person.
Popular Science
Making science exciting, fun and accessible to younger readers.
Education Today
I really liked this one. I thought it a superb mini-textbook, jam-packed with fascinating facts and presented in a consistent format... Louie Stowell and Peter Allen should be congratulated for such a readable, interesting and informative format. A real winner for my 10-year-old boy.’
The Times, Eureka Magazine
Young readers will find this particularly inspiring, as there’s a palpable sense they could really make a difference to space science if they wanted to. Richly illustrated with photos, computer generated images and cartoon style illustration each page in this book is packed with plenty to pour over.

Playing by the Book
Readers 7 to 12 will be captivated by the “mindboggingly big questions”
Science Magazine


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