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Football Frenzy

Football Frenzy


Secret Ninja Spies
Football Frenzy

  • A fast-paced and funny adventure packed full of high-kicking ninja action.

Josh and Jessica are having the BEST time staying with their cool Japanese gran in Tokyo. They've been practising their fighting skills with a top-secret team of ninja spies, and now they're acting as bodyguards for Shini Hanzo, the hottest footballer around - which means celeb parties and free stadium tours! But hanging out with Shini is dangerous work, as Josh and Jessica have to protect him from surprise attacks and sabotage. And if they can't work out who's playing dirty, the big match could be a BIG disaster!

“Ninja action with the world's coolest gran!”
Nitro magazine

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Age: 8+

Lexile Measure: 820L (info)

Book Band: 10 - White

BIC: D3N79 (info)

ISBN: 9781409521976
160 pages
198 x 130mm

Author/Editor: Alex Ko

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Press & Blog Reviews

A fast paced and funny adventure packed full of high-kicking ninja action.
Aldershot News and Mail
An interesting and unusual story that adds a layer of Japanese exoticism to a story of an elderly relative having some secrets, the child’s dread of a boring holiday and the power of celebrity. What starts out as two siblings heading off for the usual stay with a Gran starts becoming more interesting when they befriend one of the world’s leading stars on the plane (and antagonise her bodyguard) – and moves on via secret discoveries and getting into tricky situations.
Parents in Touch
A book full of adventure, with lots of twists and turns...suitable for girls and boys who like action books.

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