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Travel pocket doodling and colouring

Travel pocket doodling and colouring


Drawing, doodling and colouring
Travel pocket doodling and colouring

  • A handy pocket-sized book jam-packed with doodling, drawing and colouring activities perfect for journeys.
  • A ‘must-have’ for keeping children (and adults!) amused on any journey, whether in the car, or on a plane, train or boat.
  • With pictures to colour, patterns to design and doodles to finish, there’s plenty to keep little ones occupied!
“Will keep little travellers entertained for hours.”
Practical Pregnancy and Parenting magazine

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Age: 6+

Key Stage: KS1 (info)

ISBN: 9781409544777
128 pages
140 x 140mm

Author/Editor: James Maclaine and Lucy Bowman

Illustrator: Non Figg

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