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About Usborne Children's Books

Usborne Publishing is the leading UK independent publishing company and IPG Publisher of the Year and Children's Publisher of the Year 2014. We publish children's books for every age from baby to teenager. Usborne children's books are available around the world, both in English and in over 100 different languages.


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The best books for children

At Usborne, we believe that the best children's books are entertaining, colourful and informative, and illustrated with humour and an eye for the details of everyday life that children love to spot.

Since its foundation by Peter Usborne in 1973, Usborne has been the publisher that children love for its humorous, factual and fun books that parents enjoy sharing with children.

Award-winning children's books

Usborne's award-winning children's books are beautifully designed and superbly produced according to current ethical and safety standards. They are illustrated by world-class artists, making them books that children remember and treasure.

Bestselling Usborne children's books include the touchy-feely That's not my… books for babies, Sticker Dolly Dressing sticker books, the First Thousand Words word books, and the seven level Usborne Reading Programme.

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